Third day of relay hunger strike! Investor’s Pressure Group says “Nothing is impossible if the finance minister seeks for solution”

The stock market of the country keeps on bringing new and happening news in the headlines. After the initiation of relay hunger strike, today is the third day of the strike.

Releasing the press statement, Investor’s Pressure Group claimed that an increasing number of investors have been supporting the cause and showed unity among each other. The group expressed its gratitude towards all the supporters. The group further aims for a more rigorous strike in order to impose sheer pressure upon regulators and concerned parties.

Furthermore, the group also said there had been certain allegations imposed upon these participants claiming that the strike was done with the motive of their self-interest rather than the benefit of general public. In response, the group mentioned that there is no personal motive involved in this move.

The group further claimed there is no necessity of any further discussion or research on their demands. They claim that the demands are very clear in itself. The demands address all the commitments made by the government and concerned authorities previously. The press release also mentioned “Nothing is impossible if finance minister seeks for the solution”. (source)

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